Green Weddings

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If you are in the midst of planning a wedding or have recently become engaged, Audubon can help you make this life changing event even more meaningful.

By partnering with the I Do Foundation, Audubon makes it possible for you, your family and your friends to protect birds and conserve the environment while celebrating your special occasion.

Supporting Audubon by registering with the I Do Foundation is both easy and rewarding.  Founded in 2002, the I Do Foundation is a leading pioneer of green weddings, providing engaged couples with charitable choices as they plan for their new lives together.  From gift registries to wedding favors to honeymoons, the I Do Foundation allows couples and their guests to make wedding-related purchases that generate donations for Audubon. And all of these services are available for FREE.

Couples that choose to create a Gift Registry can sign-up with one or more of the I Do Foundation's partner stores.  Family and friends who purchase online at any one of these partner stores will have up to 10% of their gift purchases donated directly to Audubon.

In addition to the gift registry, the I Do Foundation website offers a variety of comprehensive tips on creating socially-conscious weddings.  We encourage you to explore the I Do Foundation website to learn how to make your wedding a green wedding. 

Don't wait until tomorrow.  Sign up with the I Do Foundation gift registry today.  Act now to share your love of birds, your love of nature and your commitment to Audubon with your family and friends.

To register your wedding and list Audubon as your charity of choice visit Audubon's I Do Foundation page today.